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Q&A with Red Fox CEO on Experience Hiring Veterans

on November 12, 2018

In observance of Veteran’s Day, our marketing manager sat down with Red Fox Resources founder and CEO, Brad Edgar, to discuss how Red Fox Resources went about establishing a program of hiring veterans and what the experience of hiring veterans has been like for Red Fox Resources.

Red Fox Resources would like to take the time to pause and thank all the service men and women who serve bravely and selflessly on a daily basis to protect our freedoms.

When and why did Red Fox decide to start hiring veterans?

Red Fox is a relatively young company, having started in 2013.  In our early days, we thought bringing veterans in to our company would be a good idea, but it wasn’t until 2016 that our business and work processes developed to the point where it made sense.  We made our first military veteran hire in late 2017, and followed it with our second in June of 2018.

How did Red Fox go about starting the process of hiring veterans?

We started with an on-line search to find a job placement organization specializing in military recruiting.  We interviewed a few highly recommended companies and ended up choosing the specialized military recruiting services division of the Lucas Group out of San Diego.  We used them during the process for our current hires and were very pleased with the number and quality of candidates presented as well as their involvement in managing all aspects of the process from start to finish.

What roles do your veteran employees hold within the Red Fox organization?

We’ve placed veterans in both sales and operations roles.

Our first hire is a former Marine Corps Captain who filled an outside sales position. This position requires independence and self-direction, while the operations lead works very closely with upper management, while supervising a number of direct reports.

Although a sales roles may seem an odd fit for a military background, our  experience thus far has been very positive.  We can take a tactical and goal oriented approach to sales with a mindset of providing resources and setting clear goals to be achieved.

Our second hire was a retired Army Sergeant First Class who was hired to step in and manage our DPF recycling and filter cleaning operations. In our view, this is a more traditional role, leveraging the experience of training and managing a younger employees.  The leadership and organizational skills taught in the Military translate very well to our organization.

Are there areas where hiring from the military has proven to be particularly beneficial?

Absolutely. Recognizing the United States military is perhaps the greatest large scale organization in the world, we actively seek input from our veterans regarding our own organization in terms of communication and organizational structure. Since Red Fox is a still a small and nimble company, our veterans have the opportunity to shape our company in a very meaningful way.

Also, our military veterans command a tremendous amount of respect with both our employees and our customers. They serve as great role models for our younger employees. On the sales side we’ve seen that our customers in the heavy-duty trucking world admire and respect veterans. And since veterans are often hired in the heavy-duty truck and equipment business there is a natural connection point, leading to a relationship built on respect and trust.

What are some of the challenges that you’ve seen with the veterans you’ve hired?

We have observed that financial analysis was not part of the day to day job function of our veteran employees. Our veterans realize pretty early on that they no longer have the resources of the United States government behind them when they come to work for a self-funded startup.

As are result we make sure to spend time on teaching financial literacy and the importance of good financial awareness and decision making.  So, laying out the basic business fundamentals early one can be very beneficial for all.

What’s the biggest takeaway you’ve learned from your experience hiring veterans?

We have been very pleased with the skills, motivation, and overall character of our military veteran employees.  It’s clear that time spent in the military has equipped them to be productive team members in the private sector, and we feel very fortunate to have them working for us.  We would highly recommend other employers to consider veterans to fill positions in their organizations.

If you have information or suggestions to Red Fox in regards to hiring veterans please contact Tripp Heller at 1-844-733-3695 or email at

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Tripp HellerQ&A with Red Fox CEO on Experience Hiring Veterans