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Red Fox Resources® recycles emission control catalyst material including diesel particulate filters (DPFs) diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs) and three-way catalysts (TWC) from trucks, buses, and industrial applications at the end of their useful lives. We buy spent catalyst material from fleets, service centers and dismantlers throughout North America.

Dependable Payments Processes

Reliable Payments

Red Fox Resources utilizes a consistent market-based payment policy based on the combination of individual part numbers and the metals markets. Valuations are consistent and payment is made within 15 days of physical receipt of parts.

About Pricing
Super Easy DFP Recycling Logistics

Simple Logistics

Red Fox Resources handles all the logistics of shipping parts from your location to our facility in Northern California. We arrange for truckload, LTL or express shipments. Red Fox pays all shipping costs for our collection partners.

How It Works
Responsible Recycling Practices

Responsible Practices

Red Fox Resources is committed to contributing to a sustainable supply chain and processes all materials in a compliant and responsible manner. All transactions with Red Fox come with a complete release of liability to the seller.

Common Questions

Our experts are here to answer questions and get you started.

Who We Buy From

Commercial Heavy-Duty Equipment Partners with Sustainable Supply Chain Practices

Please Note: Because of shipping costs, we are not able to setup shipments are subject to minimum quantities that may vary based on part type. However, Red Fox has partnered with DPF Alternatives to recycle parts for individuals or businesses that have less than the minimum lot size.  You can drop any quantity of parts off at any DPF Alternatives Location.  Additionally, DPF Alternatives will arrange for a free pickup in their service areas.