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Simple and flexible process for DPF & Catalyst Recycling

How Recycling Emission Control Parts Works With Red Fox Works

We offer two collection processes that work well for most customers, but our goal is to make sure working with Red Fox is exceptionally easy. Let us know what works best for your company; Red Fox is very flexible and will work with your organization to ensure a consistent process that works for you. To learn more, review the Ultimate Guide to DPF Recycling. Red Fox Resources only purchases parts from businesses and does not purchase parts from individuals.

Equipment and engine manufacturers utilize a combination of technologies to achieve emission standards including:

  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  • Three Way Cataysts (TWC)

These emission control technologies may contain platinum group metals (PGM) that act a catalyst and they can be recycled by Red Fox Resources.

Direct Collection

Responsible DPF Recycling PracticesIf your company has a supply of emission control parts (DPFs, DOCs, or catalysts) in need of recycling, Red Fox will:

  1. Provide a purchase estimate based on part numbers and quantity
  2. Arrange for the pickup of the parts at no cost to you. Based on location and quantity of the parts we are recycling, we will arrange for a direct pickup from one of our vehicles, an outbound LTL shipment or a truckload shipment to be sent to our Oakland, California, facility. [Watch video on DPF packing tips and process]
  3. Red Fox will provide payment and a liability release for parts within 15 days of receiving parts.  Checks written by Red Fox expire in 90 days.

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Parts Accumulation—The Fox Box

Super Easy DPF Shipping LogisiticsIf your company is slowly accumulating parts as they fail or come to the end of their useful life, Red Fox will send you a “Fox Box” to fill up. Here’s how is works:

  1. Red Fox will send you a “Fox Box” at no charge to store your parts as they accumulate.
  2. When you are ready to get paid for what has accumulated in your box or when its full (typically 15-20 parts), give us a call and we’ll arrange for the box to be shipped to us at no cost to you. In most cases we require a minimum of 10 parts in order for us to schedule a freight pickup. [Watch video on DPF packing tips and process]
  3. Once we receive the parts, we will grade them, and you will receive payment and a liability release within 15 business days of Red Fox receipt.

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Flexible Process

If either the Direct Collection or the Fox Box isn’t the ideal fit for your company, let us know. We will work together to design a consistent, reliable process that works for your organization.

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