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DPF & Catalyst Recycling That's Just Plain Easy

We’ll Buy Your DPFs & Catalysts

Red Fox Resources buys failed DPFs, DOCs and TWCs solely for the purposes of recycling and not for resale.

If you have a list of part numbers for failed DPFs or failed catalysts that are in need of recycling let us know. We can typically give you a purchase price based on the part numbers provided.

Submit the form on this page and we’ll be able to get you a purchase price typically within 24 hours.

Prices are based on indexing the part number to the current price of platinum group metals (PGM) so we do not publish a price list, but for a quote call our toll free number at 1-844-REDFOX-5 (1-844-733-3695).

You can also TEXT a picture of your parts or part datatags to receive a quote.  Send texts to: 415-793-3439.  Note that not all texts will be answered.

As a general guideline, spent DPFs, DOCs, and natural gas catalysts can be worth anywhere from $0 to $900 each based on a number of variables.

DPF/DOC Recycling – Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: Because of shipping costs, shipments may be subject to minimum quantities based on part types. However, Red Fox has partnered with DPF Alternatives and Clean Diesel Specialists to recycle parts for individuals or businesses that have less than the minimum ship quantity.  You can drop any quantity of parts off at any DPF Alternatives Location or CDS Location . Additionally, DPF Alternatives will arrange for a free pickup in their service areas.

Note on “DPF Delete” Kits: DPF delete kits are illegal and a violation of the Clean Air Act anti-tampering policy. Red Fox does not buy back parts that were removed as part of a DPF Delete kit.

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