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Our Mission

Since our start in 2013, our mission is to create long-term relationships with companies by establishing trust and offering consistent pricing and excellent service. Our track record with leading companies speaks for itself.

The use of diesel emission control parts (DPFs, DOCs, TWCs) is the result of complex intersection between regulations and technology — Red Fox Resources understands this intersection better than any other recycling company and utilizes our experience to provide solutions, earn trust and foster long-term relationships.

Partnership with Hensel Recycling

On February 23, 2024 Red Fox Resources was acquired by Hensel Recycling North America, a wholly owned company of the Hensel Recycling Group.  The Hensel Recycling Group, headquartered in Aschaffenburg, Germany, has been one of the leading international companies in precious metal recycling since 1998. With more than 240 employees in nine countries, the group offers its customers a complete range of services for the recycling of materials containing precious metals, such as automotive and industrial catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, e-scrap, and critical raw materials from the hydrogen economy.

This strategic acquisition brings immediate benefits to Red Fox Resources and its customers across North America, tapping into Hensel’s expertise in precious metals management, processing, technical skills, and vast industry connections.

Hensel intends to support Red Fox Resources to continue what we do best, procuring and processing precious metals from the heavy-duty vehicle and industrial markets. Under the Hensel ownership, it will be business as usual at Red Fox Resources, ensuring continuity for all customers, suppliers, and partners. Additionally, the customer-facing Red Fox management team will remain unchanged.

Regulatory Expertise

Our experience in emission regulations both at the local, state and federal levels allows us to fully understand our market of expiring emission control parts. It also allows us to be a partner for companies living with the regulation and technology on a daily basis as we can help you determine how best to handle your spent emission parts in a compliant way.

Red Fox ResourcesCUSTOMER CASE STUDY—Helping a customer overcome a regulatory challenge after being audited:  A large heavy-duty vehicle dismantler was facing a challenge that presented itself through a local hazardous waste inspection, from a county environmental department. Our customer was told they would need to “prove” to the local regulatory agency that their accumulated emission control parts from wrecked trucks did not need to be treated as hazardous waste.  Our customer reached out to Red Fox Resources to help them with this work. We took this challenge head on (at no charge) and performed a series of tests that resulted in a report sufficient for the county regulator to agree the parts did not meet the criteria of hazardous waste. This was a win-win-win. The county gained an understanding of the hazardous makeup of spent diesel emission parts, our customer overcame a regulatory hurdle and Red Fox was able to secure a long-term customer by providing regulatory assistance.

Technical Expertise

Our core team has been involved on the technical development and commercialization of diesel emission control parts for the majority of their careers. This technical expertise allows us to craft unique solutions above and beyond that of a typical scrap collector. To learn more, review the Ultimate Guide to DPF Recycling.

Red Fox Resources - DPF RecyclingCUSTOMER CASE STUDY—Helping a customer overcome a DPF supply chain problem:  A transit agency had a significant number of buses that were running DPFs that were out of production.  A number of these DPFs were not able to be cleaned through traditional DPF cleaning methods. Typically at that point,  the DPFs would likely have been recycled and replacement filters ordered.  However this was not an option as the replacement DPFs were no longer in production. The customer approached Red Fox to see if we could help. Red Fox was able to utilize a proprietary advanced cleaning method to successfully clean the DPFs and restore them to service. The project started with a test batch of DPFs. The results have proven to be so successful, that the customer has ordered a subsequent five batches of DPFs to be cleaned via Red Fox’s proprietary cleaning techniques.


Our business requires repeat customers to drive a significant volume of recyclable parts. We know your company won’t use us if you don’t trust us. As a result we have to work to earn your trust through consistent performance, which is what we do on a daily basis. Give us a try and let us earn your business for the long term.

  • 100% of surveyed respondents answered that they would use Red Fox Resources again
  • 72%  of customers that have recycled with Red Fox have recycled more than once

Staying Power (Founded in 2013)

As a leading recycler of emission control parts and platinum group metals (PGM) in North America, Red Fox is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2023. The company was founded in 2013 in Oakland, CA, to help close the “sustainability loop” on clean air technology. Since its founding, Red Fox has significantly contributed to decarbonization efforts, sustainability, and the domestic supply of precious metals.

Our experts are here to answer questions and get you started.

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