DPF Ash Disposal

DPF Ash Disposal – What You Should Know

on July 20, 2017

As DPF (diesel particulate filter) cleaning becomes a routine part of truck maintenance, the proper disposal of recovered DPF ash is a common question for shops and fleets. Unfortunately, depending on where your located this can be a complex topic. We’ll attempt to provide some clarity on DPF ash disposal in this article by starting with the basics.

This blog post is intended to be a general guidance on DPF ash disposal. You should consult your local and state environmental regulatory agencies for accurate regulations regarding hazardous waste determination and disposal in your area.

How is DPF ash generated?

A DPF physically traps and collects diesel soot from engine exhaust. While the trapped soot is burned off during periodic filter regeneration, metal oxide “ash” particles are not burned off. Over time, the unburned ash particles will plug the filter unless the filter is periodically cleaned.

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Tripp HellerDPF Ash Disposal – What You Should Know