Automotive Catalysts

Recycling Catalytic Converters from Automotive Applications

Recycling Catalytic Converters from Automotive Gasoline Engines

Red Fox Resource buys spent catalytic converters from businesses in the automotive industry for precious metals reclamation. The types of businesses that Red Fox buys automotive catalysts from include:

  • Car dealerships
  • Independent service providers (shops)
  • Auto dismantlers
  • Government agencies
  • Muffler shops

Red Fox Resources DOES NOT buy scrap catalytic converters from individuals or the public. Red Fox Resources only buys and recycles spent catalytic converters from businesses or government agencies. We only buy converters from sources with 50+ catalysts at a time and we do not pay cash for any catalytic converters.

Red Fox Resources only accepts converters from deliveries from vehicles with a company logo or a 3rd party shipping company. Red Fox DOES NOT accept converters that are dropped off at our facility by individuals.

Requirements to Recycle Catalytic Converters with Red Fox

  • A valid business license and Tax ID
  • Provable legal title to the converters to be recycled
  • A minimum of 50 parts per transaction
  • A business checking account for funds to be wired
  • We do not buy parts for cash

How our Automotive Catalytic Converter Recycling Process Works

If your company has 50 or more catalytic converters, Red Fox Resources offers the following options to sell converters. Feel free to get in touch with us directly to discuss which option is best suited for your business.

OPTION 1: Buy by the Part Number: If you can provide a list of part numbers, Red Fox will present an acquisition offer for your parts on an individual part number basis and payment is made via check or wire within 15 business days of receipt of parts. Submit a Quote Request

OPTION 2: Buy by the Part Pound: If you have converters that consist of metallic foils, Red Fox can offer a price per pound of material. When selling Red Fox material that is purchased by the pound payment is made via check or wire withing 15 business days of receipt of parts. Submit a Quote Request

OPTION 3: Buy Parts by Assay: Red Fox can mill, sample and assay material for your business. Payouts by assay are generally higher than selling by the piece or by the pound, but payout time can are typically 30-90 days and may be subject to minimum load quantities. Submit a Quote Request

In all cases, when converters are recycled through Red Fox Resources, your company will receive a release of liability and a purchase agreement that ensures the material was recycled in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations.

Our experts are here to answer questions and get you started.

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