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Recycling Emission Control Equipment from Gas Compression Equipment

Red Fox Resources purchases three-way catalysts (TWC’s) from natural gas compression engines used in natural gas production, compression, and transportation.  These engines may operate under the requirements of EPA’s Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (RICE-NESHAP) and/or local emission control requirements that require the use of a platinum group metals (PGM) based emission control catalyst for NOx and CO reduction.

Based on engine horsepower, application, and fuel source, natural gas-powered engines may be equipped with a variety of catalyst technologies and formulations to meet the emission standards required.  Generally, the emission control catalysts utilized in natural gas-powered engines are metal foils opposed to the honeycomb type substrate used in diesel and gasoline engines.

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We have experience recycling catalysts from a variety of natural gas compression systems including:

  • Drilling: internal combustion engines used to power drilling rigs
  • Producing: internal combustion engines used on producing wells and/or that power compression facilities used in gathering natural gas
  • Processing:  Plants that compress natural gas and process it for recovery of natural gas liquids

Similar to on-highway or stationary diesel applications, there are various scenarios that cause catalyst degradation requiring the in the emission control technology to be replaced during the useful life of the engine.  Red Fox actively purchases these spent emission control parts from natural gas compression engines from dealers, end users and manufacturers.


Common engine and equipment manufacturers in which Red Fox recycles stationary natural gas emission control parts include:

  • Caterpillar
  • Cummins
  • Jenbacher
  • Waukesha
  • Arrow

These engines may include catalyst packages from the following emission control manufacturers that Red Fox actively purchases back for recycling.

  • Advanced Catalyst Systems
  • Catalytic Combustion Corporation
  • DCL International
  • Emissions Controls and Silencers
  • Johnson Matthey
  • Miratech
  • Precision Catalyst
  • Synergy Catalyst

The value for these spent catalysts from natural gas equipment ranges from $25 – $2,000 and Red Fox typically buys this material by the part number or by the pound based on the application.

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CASE STUDY – Industrial Catalyst Recycling for MurCal

BACKGROUND: MurCal is a premier integrator and distributor of emission control and engine monitoring systems, including industrial three-way catalysts. Based in Palmdale, CA, MurCal frequently works with California’s oil and gas industry (natural gas compression engines) primarily in Kern County and Southern California (around Los Angeles).

PROBLEM: As a by-product of its industrial catalyst business, MurCal found itself aggregating spent three-way catalysts at their Palmdale warehouse after having sold replacement catalysts to customers to ensure compliance with local air quality and emissions monitoring regulations.

After a few attempts to make catalyst cleaning or washing work within stringent local and state regulations, MurCal decided to abandon the catalyst washing process and found itself sitting on industrial three-way catalysts with several disposal options:

  • Disposing of them as basic scrap metal
  • Returning them to the customer
  • Attempting to collect on their core value with manufacturers
  • Warranty return with manufacturers
  • Finding a trustworthy PGM (Platinum Group Metals) recycler who understood their true value

SOLUTION: MurCal approached Red Fox Resources in search of a dependable recycling partner to help solve their disposal problems. Red Fox presented a highly flexible solution of recycling with the intent to reclaim platinum, palladium, and rhodium contained in the substrate of the three-way catalysts.

After a site visit to confirm part numbers and weights, Red Fox set up an on-site pickup and was able to get MurCal paid faster than less worthwhile alternatives, including core return programs. The payment was completed within 15 business days, injecting quick cash into the equation.

VALUE: Red Fox provides PGM expertise and cash liquidity for spent industrial catalysts that are essentially “dead assets” for a company. Red Fox makes recycling purchase offers for industrial catalysts by the part number or by the pound depending on the application. This solution is ideal for gas compression equipment owners, gas compression service companies, gas compression equipment packagers, gas compression engine dealers and other similar gas compression related businesses.

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