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Shipping with Red Fox Resources is very simple. Watch our 2-minute video and you’ll be good to go! Once your parts shipment is ready, request a shipment by completing our form or call our toll-free number at 1-844-733-3695.  Red Fox only accepts shipments from businesses and does not accept shipments from individuals.

The quickest way to request a shipment is to complete the form on this page. Still have questions? Let us know how we can help.

Tripp Heller
VP Sales & Marketing
Tel: 415-793-3439

Robert Hooper
Inside Sales Manager
Tel: 909-261-9253

Please Note: Because of shipping costs, we are not able to setup shipments for loads consisting of less than 10 parts. However, Red Fox has partnered with DPF Alternatives to recycle parts for individuals or businesses that have less than 10 parts.  You can drop any quantity of parts off at any DPF Alternatives Location.  Additionally, DPF Alternatives will arrange for a free pickup in their service areas.

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