Getting Started in 4 Easy Steps

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DPF and DOC Recycling: Getting Started in 4 Easy Steps

Ready to get started with DPF and DOC recycling? Since 2014, we have refined and improved our recycling process to ensure it’s super easy for companies to get started. Below are the 4 primary steps to Getting Started with DPF and DOC Recycling. If you still have questions, give us a call.

DPF and DOC Recycling: 4 Step Process

Step 1: Collection

Collect scrap DPFs and DOCs on a pallet or palletized container.

  • Once you have 15 or more parts, you are ready to recycle a load of scrap DPFs/DOCs.

Step 2: Quotation

If you would like a quote on your recycling load prior to shipping, please complete our Quote Request Form.

  • If you’re unable to provide a list of part numbers, Red Fox can provide a budgetary quote from a picture of the entire load. We don’t need a photo of every single part, just a photo that clearly shows the entire load.
  • A photo or parts list is NOT required to recycle a load of parts, only to obtain a quote. You can simply contact Red Fox Resources to ship a load of scrap DPF/DOC parts.

Step 3: Shipping

Once your load is ready to ship, complete our Shipping Request Form or call our hotline at 844-733-3695 to schedule shipping.

  • Red Fox will coordinate a freight pickup and send you a BOL to provide to the driver. Unless otherwise negotiated, Red Fox pays for shipping costs.
  • Customer shipments typically arrive at Red Fox Resources within 5-10 business days from your day of pickup.
  • Once the shipment arrives at Red Fox Resources, we will issue payment by check or electronic payment (ACH or Wire Transfer) within 15 business days.

Step 4: Payment

To remain compliant with catalytic converter anti-theft regulations, Red Fox Resources ONLY works with, buys from, and makes payments to companies, NOT individuals.

  • Red Fox makes payments via company check or electronically using ACH or wire transfers. For compliance reasons, we do NOT make any cash payments.
  • Banking information must be provided in advance to receive electronic payments (ACH or wire transfer).
  • All payments made by check expire in 90 days. If a check needs to be re-issued due to expiration, a $35/check fee will be charged.
  • Payment Agreement – Upon request, Red Fox will provide an electronic copy of the purchase agreement which will provide a full list of part numbers received for recycling and the amount paid for the load.
  • Download our form to submit your payment/bank information to Red Fox.

More DPF and DOC Recycling Resources

As a leader in our industry, our experts are here to help. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

PICKUP Truck Owners: Please note, Red Fox Resources ONLY works with businesses, not individuals. If you are a pickup truck owner looking to recycle or sell a single DPF, please see this article on DPF Recycling for Pickup Truck Owners.

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