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Red Fox Celebrates a Decade of Recycling Leadership and Sustainability

on May 9, 2023

Red Fox Resources®, a leading recycler of precious metals from the heavy-duty transportation and industrial sectors, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Our company was founded in 2013 in Oakland, CA to help truck and bus owners with responsible disposal and recycling of end-of-life emission control parts.  Our expertise with regulations, emission control technology, and the heavy-duty truck and bus business positioned Red Fox to bring precious metals recycling to an emerging market segment.

Red Fox has established itself as a trusted and reliable partner to many customers throughout North America thanks to its focus on technical competency, honesty, teamwork, and exceptional customer service. The company has a proven track record of zero compliance infractions while having recycled over 150,000 emission control parts and sourced from over 1,000 customers. In total, Red Fox Resources has recycled over 5 million pounds of PGM-bearing material since its inception.

To achieve these goals, Red Fox developed novel equipment and practices to dismantle parts and process material, created a state-of-the-art digital library of technical information to identify and value parts, and formed solid relationships with industry partners for the refining of the recovered metals.

As Red Fox celebrates its 10-year anniversary, we reflect on a decade of innovation and hard work by our team.  Over the course of a decade, Red Fox has made a meaningful impact on sustainability by lowering the cost and carbon intensity of critical minerals needed for continued production of catalyst-based products.  Our efforts and experience now position Red Fox for continued growth in our current market segment and for expansion into new segments.

We’d like to thank our loyal customers, business partners, employees, and our families for contributing to our success in achieving this 10-year milestone.

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Red Fox MarketingRed Fox Celebrates a Decade of Recycling Leadership and Sustainability