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How To Package DPFs and DOCs for Shipping [Video]

on August 23, 2017

We often use common customer questions as a yardstick for good topics that should be shared on our Red Fox Resources blog.  For example, a very common question is, “how do we prepare shipments of DPFs and DOCs to be shipped to and recycled by Red Fox Resources?”  It’s actually pretty straight forward, with the following requirements and a video overview:

  1. The shipment must be palletized so it can be moved by forklift.
  2. All the items must be secured on the pallet with shrink wrap or a wood/cardboard enclosure as shown in video.
  3. Red Fox pays shipping costs only when you have a minimum of 5 DPFs/DOCs per shipment.


As outlined on our FAQ page, Red Fox will pay the shipping costs and handle all the logistics of getting your parts to us. Unfortunately, due to the economics of shipping, we are not able to work with individual, single unit owners. Shipping costs require a minimum of 5 DPFs/DOCs per shipment. However, if you have a local dealer, owner’s group, or owner’s club to pool shipments, we’d be very interested in discussing our recycling program.

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Red Fox MarketingHow To Package DPFs and DOCs for Shipping [Video]