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Customer Profile: Diesel Emissions Service

on August 5, 2019

An important element of the ongoing efforts of Red Fox Resources to educate the heavy-duty truck, bus and equipment industry on the virtues of recycling aftertreatment, is to provide a “customer profile” of a Red Fox customer. Customer profiles allow similar companies in the heavy-duty space understand what types of companies are recycling and how simple the process can be. We’re proud that our first customer profile is of Diesel Emissions Service (DES). Headquartered in Redding, CA with locations throughout North America, DES is an industry leader in sales and service of diesel aftertreatment.

Customer Profile: Diesel Emissions Services (DES)

Headquarters: Redding, CA


Service Locations: DES has a network of DPF cleaning facilities strategically positioned to cover the west coast with six locations from Ontario, CA (LA area) to Vancouver, BC (West Canada). DES is leading the way in diesel emissions reductions in California, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Canada.

Company Profile: Diesel Emissions Service (DES) began its operations in 2006 as the emissions division of parent company North State Truck Equipment, Inc., which has been serving the heavy-duty truck market since 1978. DES was established to help California businesses meet and exceed the strict CARB and EPA emissions regulations placed on diesel trucks. Since 2006, DES has sold and/or installed over 15,000 emission control devices and is now an industry leader in diesel emissions on the west coast, and throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Dedication to Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability: As an industry leader in sales, service and technical education of emission control technology, DES has a proven commitment to clean air and environmental stewardship.

Example of a retrofit completed by DES
Retrofitted tree service truck from DES

What makes DES an ideal Red Fox customer? DES’s robust sales and service network throughout the country generates a significant volume of recyclable DPF and DOC cores. Their ability to generate recyclable cores through their daily workflows coupled with their dedication to sustainability, have resulted in processes that ensure all recyclable DPFs and DOCs in a DES service facility are recycled and they are never thrown away.

What is the process of a typical transaction between Red Fox and DES? DES aggregates the spent DPFs and DOCs from their service locations to a central facility. When DES is ready to have a load of parts recycled, they call Red Fox. We will go out to the facility in which the parts are collected and provide a per piece quote. When the quote is agreed upon, Red Fox ensures the parts are transported to our Oakland facility and the recycling load is processed.

A recent recycling load from DES consisted of over 300 parts and the prices per part ranged from $0 for the uncatalyzed parts to over $600 per part. Red Fox provides payment and a release of liability to DES within 15 business days.

What unique value does Red Fox provide DES? “Red Fox provides a compliant solution to our DPF and DOC recycling needs and provides liquidity to a commodity that can be tricky to try to manage ourselves. When we process recycling loads through Red Fox, we know we’ll get paid what they said we would, when they said we would. But more importantly, we know that when we use Red Fox, our recycling will be completed in a manner that is consistent to our environmental compliance standards and aligned with our sustainability goals.” — Steve Hoke, President – Diesel Emissions Services

Tripp HellerCustomer Profile: Diesel Emissions Service

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